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My Toddler Doesn’t Want to Leave Daycare at Pick-Up Time

Tough pick-ups happen to everyone; here parents from our Bright Horizons community share their words of advice for making daycare pick-ups a smoother process:

When my son was in preschool, he struggled with transitions. We went through a phase where he would hit other kids when my husband came to pick him up. What worked for my son is to give him time to finish whatever it is he’s doing or playing. We also allowed him to say goodbye to his friends on his own timeline, within reason, and bribing him with an apple or cracker on the way out also helped! – Amy

Same as daycare drop-off, try to develop a pick-up routine (i.e. a lap around the classroom to show what learning centers were played in that day before leaving, or draw a quick picture– a smiley face– to leave for the teacher ” to remember you” before leaving, signing out together, doing a Blue Hat, Green Hat (by Boynton) sort of getting dressed to go routine, etc.) Talking it over with your little one may even help too. I.e.. “We noticed you’ve been having a tough time at the end of the day how about we do something every time mommy/daddy comes that will help make it easier for you. Which do you think would make it easier for you?”–… and then give two or three choices… then when he picks continue… — “Good choice! Ok, so every time mommy/daddy comes we will do (insert choice) so that the end of the day will be happier for you, ok?” – Adrienne

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