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Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

He’s already so excited to be going on the bus with his brother. And it’s very sweet, his brother, Brayden, is looking forward to showing him the ropes; he’ll says things like, “I’ll show you where the library is and where to buy lunch.” They’ve always been very close and now I can see it going to the next level. It’s really heart-warming to see them take care of each other.

When it comes to being ready for school, what words of advice do you have for a parent who asks, “what does my child need to be ready for kindergarten?”

As a center director, I always try and re-iterate to parents that being in child care gives children a great foundation for school. So much of what they learn are terrific building blocks that get them ready for kindergarten: From an academic standpoint, children learn teamwork and how to interact in groups of 20. They also learn how to interact with a teacher, and about routines. They get exposure to math, for example, they are taught patterns – how to sit boy/girl, boy/girl. They develop early writing skills starting with scribbling, to learning the pincer grasp and graduating to making straight letters.

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