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    We all wish each other “Have a nice day” and is probably the most used phrase across the world but do we ever find out how to make it a “great day” and “truly amazing”?

I wondered why some of the days are more crappier than others. We all go through our lives in Auto-Pilot never wondering what actions really make a difference in our days and what don’t. I usually spent 15 minutes of time meditating at the end of the day ( more of ruminating what went right during the day and what didn’t ) and for a few days, I started documenting what are all the things that really triggered me.

Guess what, it is the stupid, mundane things that triggered off and never the big things. These are what I called “the Daily Irritants”. Each person is different and every one of us has a bunch of “Daily Irritants”. For me, getting up in the morning and seeing a kitchen full of dirty vessels in the sink, getting up late and rushing my son to school,  not remembering to charge my phone and running low or out of battery, forgot to pick up milk and the list goes on.. It might be just little thing, but boy it sets me off to a bad start for what could have been a great day…

Ever been through that? I took some time to think about it and identify what the daily irritants are for me. Most of it were really minor and could have been solved if I had become aware of it. So, I changed it around and made a promise to myself that I will truly, consciously make an effort to make it a great day.

Here is a little primer that has helped me get on the right path for attempting to make every day a great day.


How do we do that?  At the end of each day, spend some quiet time ( even 5 mins ) to figure out if it was a good day or a bad day. Bad days are easier to work with. Walk through the entire day and identify each trigger that set you off or got you irritated or made you yell at somebody.

Something or someone or some action triggered it. Write down what triggered it and if it  was really worth it. Could that have been solved? What can I do in the future?

Each of these daily irritants have a chain reaction that triggers another bad event and ruins our days. The minute we identify it, we know how to handle it.


Now that we have the list, start becoming more aware of it. The minute you acknowledge that this is a daily irritant, you start becoming more aware of it. The more aware you become, ask yourself “Is it worth getting upset over?”.

If it is something minor, address it and move on. Just put on a smile. If it is something major, where someone gives you a piece of their mind and you had to respond in return in a ugly way that you were not happy with, that is a major. That person or that relationship is  a trigger to begin with. Just take a pause and choose your response accordingly. Think more  about the relationship and how to handle it because not all problems can be solved the same.

My goal is not advice on how each action needs to be solved but becoming more aware of what/who/which are your daily irritants and choose an appropriate response.

We have sent a man over to the moon. We have explored uncharted territories in so many areas. but one spiritual question that always haunts me is “Have I spent time knowing about myself?”. Over the years, I have read a lot of books but there is one and only book How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie  that was written a long time which set me off on the right track of examining myself. It still is relevant and this post is a thank-you dedication to the author..

Signing off wishing you an Amazing day!!!!!

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